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    Guidelines for the submission of monographs derived from theses

    Current Press policy and rationale

    ·       Cardiff University Press (CardiffUP) does not accept unrevised doctoral theses for publication. The purpose of a doctoral thesis is to obtain an academic qualification, and it must often follow strict rules relating to format, structure and content. CardiffUP’s monographs (academic books and certain other types of single scholarly volume) follow different rules, to achieve a different purpose.

    ·       Furthermore, CardiffUP will not accept for publication any monograph derived from or based on a thesis where no serious attempt has been made to revise the work thoroughly, or where the monograph manuscript closely resembles the thesis manuscript with only a few minor changes.  In effect this is still a thesis, even if it is described as a monograph.

    ·       Nevertheless, some monographs derived from theses will be suitable for CardiffUP publication.  If the author has used the thesis as a starting point in the creation of an original, separate academic monograph, which has the distinctive characteristics of a monograph as opposed to those of a thesis, that volume is likely to be suitable for consideration by CardiffUP.

    Creating a monograph derived from a thesis

    This process involves a thorough, comprehensive revision and re-purposing of the thesis content, which takes time and effort.  The following kinds of revisions will usually be needed before the manuscript is submitted to CardiffUP:

    Having completed these revisions, the author is required to provide us with a link to an online copy of the thesis when the monograph is submitted, so that the differences between the two works can be ascertained.

    Further guidance

    For general guidance on manuscript submissions, please go to the Publish With Us page. For specific queries please contact us.