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  • Introduction

    Tracy Bowell, Nicole Pepperell, Anthony Richardson, Maria-Teresa Corino

    Chapter from the book: Bowell, T et al. 2024. Revitalising Higher Education: Insights from Te Puna Aurei LearnFest 2022.


    Puna Aurei / LearnFest is an annual symposium focusing on innovation in tertiary education. It transitioned online during the pandemic, broadening its global reach and leading to a partnership with Cardiff University. The 2022 theme, Revitalisation, addressed the rejuvenation of higher education, teaching practices, and specific disciplines. The contributions in this volume are organised into four themes: Key Challenges, exploring professional identities and curriculum indigenization; Motivation, examining learner and teacher engagement; Gamification, discussing educational games and pedagogies; Confronting Climate Change, tackling its educational impact; and Revitalising English Medium Instruction, exploring responses to disruptions in international education.

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    Bowell, T et al. 2024. Introduction. In: Bowell, T et al (eds.), Revitalising Higher Education. Cardiff: Cardiff University Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.18573/conf2.q

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    Published on May 15, 2024