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  • Hyper-Blended Learning in China During Covid-19

    Anthony Ryan

    Chapter from the book: Bowell, T et al. 2024. Revitalising Higher Education: Insights from Te Puna Aurei LearnFest 2022.


    During the COVID-19 pandemic, educators worldwide faced unprecedented difficulties, with unique struggles emerging for those teaching in China or to mainland Chinese learners. This chapter highlights how the teaching and evolution of one course over the three years of the pandemic led to the natural emergence of a ‘hyper-blended learning’ environment; where teachers and students had to transition between online and in-person modalities, diverse platforms, and various situations. This chapter further explores the lasting impact of the pandemic on teaching practices in China, featuring a blend of technology, challenges, and enhanced flexibility.

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    Ryan, A. 2024. Hyper-Blended Learning in China During Covid-19. In: Bowell, T et al (eds.), Revitalising Higher Education. Cardiff: Cardiff University Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.18573/conf2.n

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    Published on May 15, 2024