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  • Identification of Crop Disease using Augmented Reality-based Mobile App for Indian Farmers: A Prototype

    Shrikant Salve

    Chapter from the book: Loizides, F et al. 2020. Human Computer Interaction and Emerging Technologies: Adjunct Proceedings from the INTERACT 2019 Workshops.

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    In India agriculture provides employment for more than 50 percent of population and it also contributes about 18 percent of the total gross domestic product (GDP). The relevant and on time information is crucial for farmers to make effective decisions. Due to large failure rate in current agriculture in India many farmers are committing suicide. To empower the farmers it is imperative to incorporate right approach to provide agriculture information. So, it is important to increase the level of agriculture development making use of information communication technology (ICT). Several research have been done for development of mobile-based technologies for farmers like use of IoT for field monitoring and irrigation, Krishi Ville, AgroTIC and many more. Therefore, we have proposed a prototype of Augmented Reality-based mobile application to detect of crop diseases for farmers. This mobile-based application uses mobile camera to detect the crop disease and display name of crop on the mobile screen itself. The farmer will able to identify the crop disease immediately using his smart phone.

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    Salve, S. 2020. Identification of Crop Disease using Augmented Reality-based Mobile App for Indian Farmers: A Prototype. In: Loizides, F et al (eds.), Human Computer Interaction and Emerging Technologies. Cardiff: Cardiff University Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.18573/book3.v

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    Published on May 7, 2020