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  • DisMiss False Information: A Value Matter

    Alisson Puska, Lara Piccolo, Roberto Pereira

    Chapter from the book: Loizides, F et al. 2020. Human Computer Interaction and Emerging Technologies: Adjunct Proceedings from the INTERACT 2019 Workshops.

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    The popularization of social media and the increasing consumption and dissemination of information online rise the concerns on the possible impacts of disinformation on a global scale. Although relevant progress to tackle disinformation online has been made recently, the problem seems to be still growing in space and complexity, affecting different aspects of the society, from personal relationships to entire democratic systems. In this position paper, we argue for the need to understand and approach disinformation and misinformation as a sociotechnical phenomena in cultures mediated by information and communication technology, in which both universal and specific values influence the way people experience the problem. A sociotechical perspective aware of the cultural influence can inform technical developments of user interfaces and algorithms, as well as the preparation of educational content in a more systemic and socially responsible way.

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    Puska, A et al. 2020. DisMiss False Information: A Value Matter. In: Loizides, F et al (eds.), Human Computer Interaction and Emerging Technologies. Cardiff: Cardiff University Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.18573/book3.i

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    Published on May 7, 2020